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About the Company

Research & Branding Group is a company in the field of market research and advertising which has been successfully operating in the market for 15 years. We specialize in conducting all possible types of marketing and sociological research, as well as in creation and development of brands (branding) and advertising. We use both traditional research methods and innovative problem-solving techniques.
Золотухин Эдуард
Слинько Сергей
Deputy Director
Коломоец Анастасия
Research Project Manager
Летуновская Галина
Chief Field Operations
Бонитенко Елена
Chief accountant
Алексей Ляшенко
Chief analyst
Супрович Ольга
Project manager
Миролюбская Дарья
Field Operations Officer
Цветкова Мая
Mystery Shopping manager
Солдатко Светлана
Eyetracking Project Coordinator
Гриценко Денис
Head of marketing
Нечипорук Евгений

ул. М. Бойчука, 14, офис 33А,
Киев, Украина, 01103

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